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Average Salary in India: Briefly About the Main Thing

Some Indian people believe that any boost in pay is always temporary. It's plain and simple. If average wages advance, living standards would rise considerably. It's a well-known vicious circle. Moreover, employees in the same industry are often paid differently. They have to make a search for additional sources of income.

As shown by the Labor Bureau of the Ministry of Labor and Employment, India determines the average salary, which refers to the wages earned by the nation's working groups. Some workers may fall into the category of the low-paid group, which is approximately 40% of the working masses in India, while others may fall into the category of the high-paid group.

At the same time, a large number of trained professionals receive increases in average wages. These sought-after specialists come from much-needed occupational categories, such as medicine, the IT sphere, and a few others. Of course, different countries offer different employment benefit schemes. It's sad to say, but India is not at the top of the list.

Pay in India: What's the Minimum, Average, and High Salary?

In accord with, a reliable website that shows payment statistics around the world based on research from 2021, India was ranked as the 60th country on the list. This fact means that the average income of an Indian worker per year was $2,150 (or INR 176353,97). Specifically, the average worker earned around $179 (or INR 14682,49) per month in 2021.

In 2023, there will be an increase in wages due to economic changes in the country. Nowadays, the nation's floor wage shall be Rs 178 (or $2.17) per day. This law came into effect on October 1, 2022. The Indian government passed legislation that established the following wages: the minimum pay for skilled personnel is now INR 20, 357 (or around $248); for semi-skilled workers– INR 18, 499 (or around $225); and for the unskilled – INR 16, 792 (or around $204), as mentioned in Gupta's report.

Highly proficient human resources who operate in industries with high demand, such as the IT industry, the health care field, the finance sector, and others, can make five times more money. They earn as much as INR 60,000-70,000 per month and even more. This fact means that skilled labor, which requires applying a set of particular skills, is paid better than unskilled labor. In India, in-demand workers receive the highest pay, even on many trusted websites for online jobs.

The List of High-Paid Occupations in India
As indicated by HR experts from India's leading career counseling agency, Brainwonders, there are several professions that deserve special attention from today's job seekers as they will be well paid in 2023. Of course, this data can run counter to other sources of information. Nevertheless, the recent survey conducted by figures that these are the key occupations in India that are in high demand nowadays. The variations in pay depend on the competition rate in the industry, location, the company's reputation in the market, the worker's competencies, and other important factors.

  • Information Technology Manager
Employees engaged in information technology, and hired by IT companies and legit websites to earn money can get from INR 27,700 up to INR 79,400 per month. The more expertise an IT specialist possesses, the higher pay he or she will get. Their average monthly rate of pay is about INR 52,300 (or INR 627,000 annually).

  • Hotel Manager
People employed in the field of hotel management with perfect budgeting and organizational skills can make from INR 26,200 to INR 90,600 per month. Their average payable rate is around INR 57,000 monthly (or INR 684,000 yearly).

  • Construction Project Manager
Experts in construction project management can earn around INR 24,000 – INR 83,100 per month (or INR 627,000 annually).

  • Business Development Manager
Managers specializing in business development can earn from INR 22,900 to INR 79,300 monthly. Their average income is INR 49,900 (or INR 599,000 yearly).

  • Commercial Pilot
Pilots who operate commercial flights get INR 25,700-86,300 monthly. Their average monthly income is INR 54,600 (or INR 656,000 yearly).

  • Bank Branch Manager
Bank experts specializing in financing, investment raising, and mergers and acquisitions services can earn around INR 26,800 – INR 90,100 per month. Their average income is INR 57,000 per month (or INR 684,000 per year).

  • Customer Service Manager
Specialists in customer service employed in India can make INR 21,400 - INR 66,300 per month. The less the expertise in this field, the lower the wages. Their average income is INR 42,800 monthly (or INR 513,000 yearly).

  • Financial Manager
Professionals in finance with a set of excellent skills in auditing, taxation, accounting, and financial assessment can receive about INR 29,500 – INR 99,100 per month. The average monthly salary of these employees is INR 62,700 (INR 752,000 per year).

  • Attorney
Experts in the field of law earn from INR 28,400 up to INR 98,200 per month, depending on their experience in the legal area. The average salary of legal practitioners in India is roughly INR 61,800 monthly (INR 741,000 annually).

  • Medical Professionals
Medical professions are compensated well in India, especially those in demand, such as surgeons, dentists, dietitians, and general practitioners. For example, the average salaries of in-demand dentists range from INR 36,900 to INR 117,000 per month. Their average cash inflow is INR 75,200 per month (or INR 902,000 per year). Other specialists in this field earn less money.

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