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Top 12 Trusted Online Earning Websites for Students in India

In the modern realia, the opportunity to work online becomes a valuable method of receiving the additional income without having to leave home or get distracted from the main activities. With the inclusion of recent events, which has initiated the work-from-home model spreading, it is much easier now to find the ways for profiting online. To offer some help in searches, this article will present the top of earning sites for student that allow them to organize a comfortable source of income. After getting acquainted with the content, the person will be able to select the website for profit generation to their personal preference.

Best Online Earning Websites in India

The undeniable advantage of money earning websites is their regular accessibility – the person is not limited by time or place for visiting the webpage. When the student or woman accepts the job offer to complete it, it may be a broad daytime or deep night – as soon as the time is still left, the request can be taken freely. There are quite often occasions, when the author is located in another region or even time zone – especially for the best earning websites, there happen to meet some foreigners who leave an opportunity for Indians to work.


This source is not only a great source of coupons and reward programs, but also one of the most trusted online earning sites which pays for completing the surveys. It allows users to accumulate its inner currency, up to $100 per month, for use in different customer programs, becoming a part of Swagbucks ecosystem, or withdraw it to PayPal for everyday expenses. The only drawback about using it is related to a complicated system of rewards, payment accumulations and so on, which require quite some time to become familiar with.

Survey Junkie

Developed as a specific market research tool, the Survey Junkie is a good option of earning sites for woman who regularly take care of shopping. It provides payment in real cash or free gift cards, which is quite convenient in many aspects. However, for an ability to complete the withdrawal, the website regular should remember about minimal payout limits, which are set comparatively higher.


As a freelance source of worldwide popularity, UpWork offers some short-term and continuous online jobs for students to earn money from. With the high variety of task classifications, everyone is able to find a job according to their preferences and possibilities. The only significant drawback about it is the high competition level for signing up and applying for a job, as people all around the world can be the candidates for that one announcement at once.


Another well-known website for finding a regular or one-time job is Fiverr, which has many similar principles to UpWork. Belonging to legit websites to earn money from, it is quite popular for the provided guarantee model of payment, making sure that both customer and freelancer complete the deal properly.

Legit Websites to Earn Money in India

While some kinds of work offers are selectable in separate tasks, allowing to create a flexible schedule and earn only when it is necessary, other secret websites to make money concentrate on long-term agreements. They are not as common, require some specific skills, but introduce instead the chance for a stable job from home, which is especially valuable for students of currently popular niches which are on-demand on the job market now.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

For business tasks, especially which require a team, the Amazon Mechanical Turk becomes a great opportunity to hire more workforce. Those who seek stable additional sources of income and are in the legal position to work, can immediately apply for it. The only precaution for the beginners is related to multiple follow-up theory bits which help in upgrading the profile status.


The online earning websites like Clickworker allow searching for both easy and effective jobs which bring a good hourly result. Due to system automatic sorting, it selects the best offers which are suited to the listed profile information. However, once deciding on the sign-up, the person should be ready to check it on a daily basis to keep up with the new job offers.


Featuring the clients who mostly come from the US region, OneSpace introduces some of the most interesting job offers. The person can expect a stable income and multiple ways of withdrawing funds after signing up and starting the work. But, in order to pass the initial qualification stage, it will be necessary to complete a resume, fill in all the profile basics and more.

Additional Income Sources for Students

For the students who still work for their qualification and need more actual job experience, the current possibilities of online work are almost priceless. There are quite a number of trusted websites for online job, where they can start their career path, accumulating real knowledge about the professions, its specifics and best ways to complete the assigned tasks effectively.

The basic option for students to work online is to teach others about the fundamental and advanced knowledge of the profile subjects. With the, the person can either apply to become a part of existing groups of tutors or work completely on the personal conditions. However, it has its own limitations about the applicant's legal status, current residence, so this option may not work out for everyone equally.

From copywriting to web designing, the student can work with different tasks in with enough professional competence. It allows the user to apply as an undergraduate, too, helping to build the proper reputation and real job experience. With worldwide support, it also offers multiple convenient ways for profile setup, payment withdrawals and other specifics.


For the students who prefer to work with native platforms, the UpGrad project is one of the most recommended sources which also helps in enhancing the education level. It provides assistance in raising the qualification, getting in touch with professional companies for hiring, generally more suitable for this rather than direct job search.


As a support for women specifically, the Sheroes platform helps in finding the work from home for any situations possible. Both mothers or female elders, and current students may find some convenient job offers that will help to set up the personal source of income and be sure to get this job as a woman, too.


The Fiverr platform also provides convenient work conditions for students of any background or gender. With the occasional or stable freelance order completion, it is possible to set up the income source and also get some real experience before official hiring by companies of the field.


With the help of this article, the students or women of India will be able to find a job according to their skills and preferences without a need to even leave home. For more useful information on related topics, the visitor can also attend the other articles of App Work dedicated to working online and its official website.