We pay $40 and more
for publishing an application on Google play
Get profits by publishing ready-made mobile apps!
How to start
1. Sign up
It does not take more than 2 minutes.
2. Create a Google Play developer account
Google charges a $25 fee for creating a developer account. Please note that our platform reimburses users for this amount.
3. Publish one application
We provide you with a ready-to-use mobile app for publishing
4. Wait for moderation
Each downloaded application is checked by Google moderators.
5. Take $25 for a task
Bonus for the task completing and compensation for buying a developer account
6. Have access to the new tasks
New tasks will become available as soon as the previous are moderated.
Alexandr Reschikov
I've been working with AppWork for a few months, managed to publish a couple of applications and now I would like to share my opinion. I can say that there are really lots of apps, and the payment is also real and very fast, all comes on the same day, also adequate and pleasant customer support is a huge plus. Couldn't decide to start working with them for a few days, but once decided - don't regret it!
Olga Kichakova
Great option to get additional income! I saw advertising in instagram, all you have to do is publish and update mobile applications, the payment is decent. Tasks are clear and uncomplicated. To perform them, you need a minimum of time, you certainly will not become a millionaire, but you'll have a nice stable addition to the family budget.
Sergey Nekrasov
There is nothing complicated here, you only need a Google account and a desire to earn money. You publish the application in Google Play, and then you wait for approval and funds to be credited. Then you can make extra money on application updates, but that is not limited, you will also drip a few cents a day for the fact that your application is stored in the Market. Haven't met any analogues, I recommend!
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