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AppWork platform: can you make money from apps if you can't programing?

Hi all, my name is Kith, and I sometimes write and send reviews to various sites, most of them negative. Today I will tell you about my experience with the AppWork platform. Let me tell you right away that there will be no "oh, cool, sign up". Only my personal experience, and everyone can draw their own conclusions.

How it all began

Five days a week I work at a regular job. The money isn't much, but it's stable and you don't have to work very hard. One day, while sitting at work, I suddenly realized that I could spend this time doing something useful. Not for my bosses, but for myself.

I read a bunch of sites on the topic "a hundred ways to make money on the Internet" and realized that it is possible to make money, but the working methods are very few. Options with the game on the stock exchange, sports betting, casinos, pyramids, etc., I immediately discarded. My goal is to make money, not to lose the last bucks.

Probably Google has been following me all this time, and more and more often I saw different variants of earnings in my ads. One day, I came across an Appwork banner. I clicked on it and that's how it all started. (I didn't save the banner, but here's a screenshot from the site)

What is AppWork

AppWork is a platform where freelance jobs are posted. But there are no jobs there like creating a website or business cards. All of the jobs that are published are related to mobile apps.

I was interested, so I immersed myself in reading. After a minute, I knew I wanted to give it a try.

What to do.

I had to register on the platform, then create a developer account on Google, go back to the platform, select an app to publish, and publish it. And that's what I was supposed to get $45 for this operation.

Everything was cool, except for one thing - what is a developer account? After reading I learned that it is not hard to create such an account, but you have to pay $25 to activate it. To be honest, it made me a little nervous.

I went to read the reviews. Some of them criticized this site and some said it was OK. But nowhere did I find information that I was cheated for this 25 bucks. I thought about it and I wrote to the AppWork support chat and asked - how come? It seemed that you were supposed to pay me and not me to pay you (to be honest, I wrote this in a harsher form and for that I am still ashamed).

The support response came almost instantly. Despite my tone, they were polite and explained everything to me in detail. It turned out that this money is not taken by the platform, but directly by Google. But the platform returns the money spent to my balance as soon as I publish the first app. And, of course, the money for the work done.

In short, I decided to try it. And it was a big mistake.

Okay, just kidding, everything went smoothly. It took me about 15 minutes to sign up (I got a little bogged down with payment), and then I got a platform account and a developer account with Google. Beat around the bush and took the first assignment.

First assignment.

Well, that was easy. I clicked the first job I saw, read the description, shrugged, and took it to work. I downloaded the necessary files, went to Google, downloaded and sent it for review.

And the next day... The next day was the weekend, and I stupidly forgot about this whole story. I remembered three days later. Rushed quickly to the site, I look - the withdrawal of compensation and bonus. 

Here are the statistics for the first order: payment for publication, google fee reimbursement and the money for the first update. For the restaurant, of course, not enough, but I celebrated that day well. After that, there were a few more upgrades, each of which paid 6$-15$ extra.

Pros and cons

If you think this place is all about pros, I'll disappoint you - there are more than just pros.


- Good pay (if you count by time spent).

- No need to learn programming languages or anything like that.

- Very (really very) polite support.

- Fast withdrawal of money.

- There are additional tasks after the publication, for which the extra pay


- Sometimes not enough tasks.

- Could pay more.


Remember at the beginning I said that there will be no "wow, cool"? Well, it would be cool if they paid $150+ per application. But as it is... It takes me about an hour and a break to complete a task. In the first month it came out to $60 net. I will say that as an additional income - it really works.

In the second month I got a little more. I brought a few friends to this platform by my referral link. In general, I repeat, not "wow", but $100-200 dollars a month you can raise easily.


How to make money from mobile apps in 2022:

I think you already guessed without me that there is a lot of money in the mobile app niche today: programmers, designers, marketers and other specialists get big salaries, and product owners get huge profits.

At this moment, anyone has the opportunity to join this community, and it doesn't matter if you have skills.

Let's get started!

Today we will look at freelance platform AppWork, which specializes in creating and publishing mobile applications. 

The platform is unique in the world. At least, I could not find anything similar. The creators themselves position their platform as "a freelance platform specializing in the development of mobile applications".

The essence of the work lies in the publication of mobile applications in stores (Google Play, AppStore) from their accounts, as well as performing tasks to update this application. The platform provides detailed instructions and the application, the payment for the publication - 25$, for each task - from 6$ to 15$. On average for one application comes out $40-50, and if you consider that I spent 1.5 hours on one application, it sounds cool, right?

It's not all that clear-cut.

As you can understand, I always carefully study reviews and opinions about the projects I'm going to sign up for, and more often than not people mention the following minus:

You have to pay for a developer account ($25) with Google and Apple, and out of your own pocket!

Without going into details - fair point, but people miss the point that this payment - the only threshold for entering this niche, because Google Play and AppStore will not let you in if you don't pay them these fees.

Earlier I wrote that such tasks are popular in the West, and they work according to the same scheme - you pay from your pocket, and the customer compensates the costs and pays for the work done on top. In addition, it is only necessary to do it once, the next time you just publish the application, because you already have a Google or Apple account.

In this project absolutely the same, so they insure themselves against unscrupulous performers, the question here is not this ...

The most important question ...

Are you willing to pay out of pocket to continue the work? 

The question is a good one, I think everyone who performed such tasks for the first time asked himself. Let's say, the foreign freelance platforms and the customer and the performer have a rating and feedback, based on them, and the decision is taken. Asking myself this question, I looked at reviews on various sites, studied the history of the domain, looked at the content site, talked to a customer support, and concluded - more yes than no.

Let me explain: I could lose $25 from my side, but Google and Apple payment process is such, that you can close your account at any time and get your money back. But by giving me the app, the platform will lose more, namely a lot of time and resources that were spent to create the app.

It's up to each person to decide for themselves. In addition, I was bribed by the review of my friend, from whom I learned about the existence of such tasks.

As you have understood, I took the first task, I will briefly describe my experience:

According to the instructions, I created a developer account, paid $25. To publish spent about 1 hour, had no experience similar work, but there in essence just need to correctly fill in the fields. Also, as it turned out, you definitely need a computer.

The next day the application appeared in the Marketplace, and I was credited for the work, as well as refunded for the registration, the amount of 40 dollars.

During the next 2 weeks I was doing updating tasks (5-7 minutes) for 7$, 5 tasks in total. Totaled 1.5 hours and $35.

Check out "my" first application


So, I'm ready to make my conclusions about the niche and this platform.

The niche is very promising, the mobile application market shows continuous growth and the theme will be relevant for a long time to come.

By AppWork platform I have already contacted my support team and manager and they have raised the limit of the number of simultaneous jobs.)

Below is a comparison to help you make your choice and wrap it up. Email me at [email protected] if you have any questions!


  • Low entry threshold in terms of both finances and knowledge.
  • Lack of direct competitors, which means a large number of available assignments.
  • Transparent way of working, no hidden fees and tedious "checking security".
  • There is no minimum amount for withdrawal and hold, as well as a rich way to withdraw remuneration.


  • Several times I saw that the amount for completing additional tasks was set at $6, and another $11. It is not quite clear what explains such a difference, because the work in both cases is completely identical.
  • To start working with the platform you need to create a Google Developer account. The very creation of the account does not cause any questions, but there is one thing - for the creation of such an account, Google charges 25$. And this money you pay from your own pocket.